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Happy to be back for Milan Fashion Week! We've started the day with feetings at Alberta Ferretti & Vivetta and continued our day with Alberta Feretti show and a visit to one of the most creative young designers, the one who is in charge of Giannico shoes - perfumed, magic shoes! A full week is waiting for us, so stay tuned to find out more!


50 shades of red

Even if we talk about love, passion or love affairs, red is the color that marks them all. While thinking about love and relationships between men and women we have decided to create a list to help us (and you of course) to figure out which are the advantages and disadvantages of relationships vs love affairs. You all have dreamed about at least once to consume a passionate affair or to meet the love of your life, but we bet you never made a pro and cons list just to help yourself to decided what fits you best.


Tommy Hilfiger Collection Fall 2015

We missed New York Fashion Week this season because we are not big fans of winter and sandals in the snow, but we are continuous updated by our friends. And when we received the Tommy Hilfiger news we instantly fell in love with the collection. Enjoy it sweethearts! It's awesome! An American love story!


10 things we learned from our boyfriends

10 things we learned from our boyfriends
1. No matter how many Agent Provocateur items I'd wear, it's always better without them. To quote him: 'It's a pointless acquisition and the better part is always beneath them'


Have fun being a snob

the double inclination to ape one’s superiors, often through vulgar ostentation, and to be proud and insolent with one’s inferiors. Also called snobbery. — snob, n. — snobby, snobbish, adj.


QuickLOVE & a QuickCONTEST

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?! These days we are totally into love and we say it out loud. And because love is not about us, but mostly about the ones we love we are already thinking about gifts for our men. And as we know, they love gadgets as much as we do. But sometimes we need a good adviser and a bunch of possibilities to find the right gift. Thank God we have QuickMobile which has the answers for all our questions.


Mister&Miss Fabulous

Love month is here and we have a special surprise for you! The Miss & Mister Fabulous t-shirts for you and your half. But before clicking and buying them from you have to take a quick test. If you answer 90% of the question with YES (we didn't say it's a simple quiz) you can go and buy the tees for Valentine's Day.